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Kickalicious Trick Shot Viral Video Star Is Picked By Detroit Lions

Bighdeluxe published this video back in September, but it has recently resurfaced over the weekend after the star of the video,


Martial Artist Kicks Down Banana Tree

This Muay Thai martial artist shows off his amazing skills by destroying a banana tree. He doesn't just kick it a


Epic Bicycle Kick Soccer Goal

ESPN featured this video of Carlos Vela of the Spanish football team Real Sociedad performing an epic bicycle kick goal against Malaga. His


High School Football Kicker Scores 64 Yard Field Goal

Austin Pacheco, a high school senior from Carson City, Nevada made headlines after kicking a 64 yard field goal. It's


Canadian Football Field Goal Kick Miss, Kick Back, Kick Again For Touch Down – Toronto VS Montreal

I don't understand football that well, and Canadian football seems even more complex. What is going on? Montreal tries for


Defenseman Jumps Offensive Line, Blocks Field Goal

This guy gets a running start right before the pitch and hurdles the offensive linemen. He blocks the kicker and