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9 Year Old Rapper Corrine Foreign

We love the energy of 9 year old rapper Corrine Foreign and her school crew as they break down their…

Garbage Can Takes Out Kid

The wind unfortunately isn't this kids friend when he tried to move a garbage can over twice his size. AFV…

6 Year Old Kid Lands a Backflip on His Bike

Last month Brody Evan became the youngest person to ever land a backflip on their bike at the age of…

Toddler Has Had Enough Of His Toys

As a kid your toys are your everything. Most of the time at least. Sometimes you've just had enough, and…

Kids Are Goods

Find me one of those cute ones.

So Pretty Yet So Scary

The guy doesn't do well with blondes.

Bottle Flipping Troll

Teacher goes the extra mile to troll his students. LOL! [embed][/embed]

Peeing In The Pool Is More Dangerous Than You Think

Peeing in the pool is only annoying to other people, right? Turns out it can be pretty damn harmful for…

Kids Describe Their Parents To An Illustrator

"We're going to do some art of course, what does your mom look like?" "She's smoking a cigarette." [embed][/embed]

Wouldn’t You Like To Know Weather Boi?

This weather boi gets put in his place by smart and educated kid. [embed][/embed]

Cute Kid Caught Red Handed

There is a lot of evidence in this video, but this cute girl denies everything. Time to lawyer up, daddy!…

Kids Try Russian Food

Did you ever try Russian food? If you're not familiar with it, it doesn't sound very appealing does it? Now…


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