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Playground For Suicidal Children

Some playgrounds just ain't for happy kids, but for the ones with a dark soul.

Did I Forget Something?

That moment when you're still getting used to actually having a child.

Cute Kid Waiting For The Beat To Drop

Nothing ever beats cute kids listening to music, and Maddie here is no exception. She very patiently waits for the beat…

Meet This Savage Bounce House End Boss

We just jumped around frantically until we busted our head on something, we could've learnt a thing or two from…

Get off, shadow! Get OFF!

This shadow everyone is always talking about, it can be a real s of a b, especially when you just…

Kid Gets His Shot Blocked By His Coach

Someone had to stop him! ;) NateDogg got himself a viral video with this and over 200,000 views within a…

Little Boy Demonstrates His Cool Shoe Tying Trick

If you want to be the coolest kid in Kindergarten / school / the office - learn this epic shoe…

4-Year-Old And Dad Conquer The Web By Storm With This Cute Music Performance

Claire Ryann and her dad aka Claire and the Crosbys cover the song "You've Got a Friend In Me" (theme…

Toddler Impersonating Mother With Morning Sickness

Poor mother! And proud father. :) D. J. Anderson filmed and uploaded this video of his little toddler imitation the…

How To Discipline Your Baby

Another issue of How To DAD's guide for a better life. This time it is all about the one thing…

4-Year Old Gives Best Advice For New Year’s Resolutions

Maybe you have some resolutions for the new year, that you still want to get realized in 2017. I for…

Epic Alexa Fail Regarding Kids Command

I smell "fake" but want this to be true. An innocent child asks amazon's Alexa... something. And gets this answer…



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