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Kids React To Guns N’ Roses

With this kind of reaction videos you normally get to see kids getting shown some weird and not-from-this-world stuff. Oh,


Kids React To Donald Trump

Without a doubt, the most talked about presidential candidate this year is Donald Trump. But presidential candidates isn't really a


Kids React To Tamagotchi

Today, kids are lucky enough to have access to incredible computing power. Most kids have an older iPhone or tablet that their


Kids Try Sushi For The First Time

It wasn't that long ago that most Americans would gag at the idea of eating raw fish. Today, sushi has


American Kids Try School Lunches from Around the World

If you ask a group of kids what their favorite subject in school is, odds are the are going to


Kids React To The First iPod

It feels like it was just yesterday when everyone was talking about this new device called an MP3 player that


Kids Taste Test Kimchi For The First Time

Kimchi is basically the South Korean version of American ketchup. Kimchi is served with nearly everything in South Korean cuisine.


Kids React To Gay Marriage Ruling

Most of the excitement over the ruling by the Supreme Court to legalize gay marriage in all fifty states has subsided.


Kids Taste Test Squid

People often get excited about special dishes like calamari. But when you offer people squid, they naturally become a little


Kids React To The Transformers

Transformers have experienced a rebirth ever since they were rebooted by action movie director Michael Bay. What many kids today fail


Kids Try Wheatgrass Shots For The First Time

Wheatgrass juice is often touted as a healthy super food. That's why it's found at gym juice bars and in health


Kids Try Out The Brand New Apple Watch

The brand new Apple Watch that connects to your iPhone 5 or 6 is one of the hottest tech gadgets