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Garbage Can Takes Out Kid

The wind unfortunately isn't this kids friend when he tried to move a garbage can over twice his size. AFV…

Kids React To Eminem

The golden days when every kid on the block wanted to be Eminem are long gone, new rap gods have…

Kindergarten Weather Report

Weather reports are useful, but also pretty boring and straightforward. Why don't we let our kindergarten kids tell us about…

Kids Try Typical Spanish Food

Kids just say it as it is. So when you want to know how something looks or tastes, they are…

How To Stop Kids From Playing With Your Phone

A lot of crying is going on here. Young children and electronics are at an unprecedented level in our societies,…

This Is Lotte

She grew up alright. [embed][/embed]

Kids Describe Scary Monsters

But will the drawing be just as scary?? Funny how kids don't think about zombies or vampires, but have much…

How To Support Her Through Pregnancy

Some very handy advice on how to make the best of your love's pregnancy. [embed][/embed]

Kids Try Israeli Snacks

Kids are notorious for being difficult eaters... So how about some Israeli snacks then? [embed][/embed]

How To Get Kids To Eat Veggies

It isn't easy, but it's guaranteed to work! [embed][/embed]

Kids’ First Fireworks

Do you remember your first fireworks show? Maybe not, so here's a little reminder of what that might've looked like…

Kids Try 100 Years Of Party Snacks

As much as the next thing, party snacks go in and out of fashion as well. What differences are there…


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