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Kinect GEL Ride Auto Steer Whole Level

With all the talk about Kinect's amazing technology, people forgot that what matters most are the actual games. Doesn't driving…

Kinect Windows 7 Hack

Using Kinect, this computer genius connected his PC and can now control his computer with his hands. This well maybe…

Kinect Records 3D Video

This Jedi master nerd hacked a¬†Microsoft Kinect to capture a 3D video of himself. When he manipulates it, you can…

Dad Elbows Son In Face Playing Kinect

Just wait for it. This is why you should make sure you have plenty of room. No one has a…

Kinect With Night Vision

The Kinect sprays the environment with infrared dots to read the users moves. You can see it with night vision…



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