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Pizza Girl On Kisscam Loves Her Pizza

We've all been there before. You're all alone and it seems like everyone else is together and happily in love.


British Academy Film Awards 2016 Use The Kiss Cam

The so-called kiss cam is a classic that can be found at nearly ever sporting event. Some cameraman zooms in on two


Everyone Laughs After Guy Pulls Out Sign On Kiss Cam

The kiss cam is a viral video gold mine. But no one has ever performed a hilarious stunt like this


Girl Pours Her Drink On Boyfriend After Being Rejected On Jumbotron Kiss Cam

Who doesn't love the kiss cam while at the big game? Nearly everyone is excited to appear on the jumbo-tron and kiss


Two Guys Kiss On Basketball Game Kiss Cam

This video is ancient in terms of YouTube, but just exploded with views. When the camera pointed to two guys,


Man Kisses Beer At Basketball Game ‘Kiss cam’

The kiss camera is the cheesiest part of any sporting event. Why do they do it to us? When the