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Will Cable TV Ever Be Free?

24 December, 2020



Lowering A Mistletoe Over Interview Prank

Kaitlin Snow and Nate Turley pulled a very special on campus prank in honor of the holidays. In the cafeteria at…

Straight Men Make Out To Protest Chick-Fil-A Anti-Gay Stance

That's right. Just when you thought the Chick-Fil-A hullabaloo was over comes this latest viral video story. Actor Skyler Stone is a big fan…

Two Men Make Out In Background Of Live Al Jazeera News Report

While reporting in Doha, Qatar, this Al Jazeera anchorman calls on his colleague in Madrid, Spain to discuss the recent land…

Kissing In Movies Super Cut

Did you know when people kiss they exchange almost one billion bacteria? Kind of makes you want to brush before…

Russian Girls Kissing Russian Female Police

Can't we all just get along? As a form of protest Russian girls go around kissing Russian women police. You…



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