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Cheering for Football Frightens Kitty

[rumble][/rumble] My cat got scared when we yelled at the TV and jumped. More

Pump Action Kitty

Pump Action Kitty

[rumble][/rumble] My pet cat, being adorable. More

Persian Cat Plays With Balloons Like A Dog

Persian Cat Plays With Balloons Like A Dog

[rumble][/rumble] Edith the Persian cat plays with balloons just like a doggy would! How cool is that?

Kitty Loves Keyboard

Kitty Loves playing With Keyboard a Little Too Much We got a very sweet video for the world today. Do…

The Lion King Kitten Edition

The Pet Collective loves to cover pop culture phenomenons with an adorable pet theme.  They last went viral with their precious…

Cat Street Fighter

ThePetCollective has turned off course from making creative and funny animal and pet-themed pop music parodies to the video game world.…

Kitty Tetherball

Tetherball is usually reserved for the school playground, but amazingly, these two cats have learned the game. They show off…

Low Birth Weight Kitten Is Tiny And Adorable

Marshmallow was born a month ago at just 66 grams! Now, at four weeks old, she is doing much better and…

Tiny Kitten Snuggles With Huge Saint Bernard Dog

Babymewrocks published this adorable pet video in 2010, but it has only gone viral in the past few days. Now it…

British Shorthair Kittens Waking Up

This video from last May has really started to trend this new year. It now stands with 130,000 views and…

Cat Taps Owner To Be Petted

One of the most frustrating parts of being a pet owner is not knowing what your pet wants. They can't…

Adorable Baby Lion Cubs Can’t Escape From Bucket

The lion is the terrifying king of the jungle, but these two lions cubs are just pure preciousness. The two…


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