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You’ll Never Guess What Happens After Polishing This Rusty Knife

A little rust can cover up a lot of hidden treasures... Look how this dude goes on a treasure hunt,


Red Hot 1000 Degree Knife Vs Shoe & More

This whole red hot knife thing does to be a huge trend right now. Even Dave Hax does his thing


1000 Degree Red Hot Rocket Knife

About two weeks ago we had the incredible fast 150mph rocket knife, now TheBackyardScientist replayed with the highspeed knife, except


Chopping Vegetables With Giant 8-Foot Knife-Wielding Robot

"The queen of sh*tty robots", Simone Giertz, worked together with MegaBots to build this epic knife-robot, cutting vegetables in ridicolous


Incredible Butterfly Knife Tricks

Curtis Crowe performs some really intense and speedy tricks with his butterfly knife. Kuma Films got almost 200,000 views with


Incredible Fast 150 mph Rocket Knife

Another silly experiment by TheBackyardScientist showing us that the only thing that can be quicker than a high speed knife


Glowing 1000 degree Knife vs Sneakers

After the first issues of the glowing knife running through lighters and a coke can like butter, this time Mr.


Glowing 1000 Degree Knife vs Lighter & Coke

These videos are as hot as the knife Mr Gear uses to cut things in half. The video with the


Watch This Oddly Satisfying “Hot Knife vs.” Compilation

Oh man, I totally deplaced the link to this goodie and "forgot" to post it... But better late then never


How Sharp Can You Get A $1 Knife?

JunsKitchen bought the cheapest knife he could find and wanted to sharpen it to it's limits. Look what he got:


Kitchen Worker Cuts Watermelon Super Fast

This kitchen worker is the watermelon guy and has to repeat the same job over and over. As a result, he


Ping Pong Paddle Knife Throwing Trick

Swedish YouTube channel Tumba Ping Pong Show is trending online for their trick ping pong videos. This daring knife throwing trick