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Five Year Olds Taekwondo Fight

To become a true martial arts master, you must begin training at a very young age. But if you start


Hand Becomes Taekwondo Master

Your hand may not seem like it can be dangerous, but just wait until you dress it up in a


Cute Asian Baby Wakes Up And Smiles, Then Falls Back Asleep Over And Over

 Being a baby is awesome. You get to eat, poop, and sleep all day; that's your job. This adorable Korean


Grocery Shopping In Subways With Cellphones

A grocery chain in South Korea made a genius business step. They put gorgeous, realistic looking posters all over subway


Korean Dessert Man Makes 16,000 Strings Of Honey

The video starts off slow, but trust me keep watching. A German tourist visits a dessert stand in Seoul, South


Sarah Palin: “Our North Korean Ally”

Palin makes a gaffe on a radio interview about the South and North Korean conflict. She says North Korea is


South Korean Slow Motion Break Dancing

This is incredible. His feet do not touch the floor forever.


2NE1 – Clap Your Hands

2Ne1 is a bunch of hot South Korean Girl rapping in Korean with a sprinkle of English. They act all gangsta


Korean Grand Prix Circuit – F1 Race Car Point Of View

This is a video of the first laps in Red Bull Racing F1 Car at the Korean Grand Prix Circuit.