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Competitive Eater Devours A Dozen Krispy Kreme Donuts In Just Seconds

Most of us can't resist a doughnut, especially a classic glazed Krispy Kreme. It's easy to eat two or even…

Froggy Fresh Dunked On Music Video

Popular online rapper Froggy Fresh, aka Krispy Kreme, has returned with another hit. Froggy and his main man Money Maker Mike…

Man Requests Doughnuts To Be Assembled Into Olympics Symbol At Krispy Kreme

Like so many others around the world, Dukie Ajah is a little self-conscious. To try and break out of his shell, he has just…

Krispy Kreme Christmas Rap Music Video

Online rapper Krispy Kreme only debuted seven months ago in the Spring, and now the popular rhymer has over 200,000 subscribers and…

Krispy Kreme Haters Wanna Be Me Rap Song

Krispy Kreme first went viral two weeks ago with his The Baddest rap song that quickly spread around the 'net. Now,…



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