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Lamb Thinks She’s A Dog

It's a similar case to Tarzan. This adorable lamb was adopted by animal lover Jemma Mackenzie at a very young age. Jemma…

Lamb And Baby Rhino Playing Is The Cutest

The Internet loves unlikely friendships. So it's no surprise this adorable clip by HESC Cheetah Centre of a lamb playing with a baby…

Adorable Handicapped Goat Is Given A Wheelchair

Wheelchairs aren't only for people anymore. When Frostie the Snow Goat came to Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary he was dehydrated and full of…

Sesame Street Homeland Parody

Besides for educating kids in colors and numbers, Sesame Street is well known online for their hilarious parodies of mainstream programming.  …

Hours Old Baby Lamb Is The Cutest

Camels And Friends is a small farm run by one lucky lady. Naturally, as the name implies, there is a camel,…

Spotted Lamb Adopted By Dalmatian Dog

This adorable report by the Associated Press went viral over the weekend, and now stands with over 225,000 views. For a lamb…



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