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Batman Driving A Lamborghini Uber Prank

In big cities across the country and the world, Uber has become the number one choice for taxi services. Who


Two Grannies Drive A Lamborghini

Around the world, the Lamborghini is considered one of the rarest, most expensive, and beautiful sports cars around. Unless you live


Lamborghini Spontaneously Catches Fire In Dubai Traffic

Dubai is one of the richest countries in the Middle East. As a result, it is a hot bed for


Gold Digger Lamborghini Prank

Russian prankster Vitaly loves to catch so called 'gold diggers.' For his latest prank, he asked a girl for directions while


Picking Up Girls In A Lamborghini Without Talking Prank

If you want to be popular with the ladies you have to take care of yourself, dress well, and be


Lucky High School Girl Gets Ride Home In Lamborghini

Allen Wong had a poor neighbor when he was living in New York City who had a rough upbringing. After becoming


Valet Crashes Lamborghini Aventador Outside Hotel While Trying To Show Off

This hotel valet outside the Hotel de Paris in Monaco must have felt so cool parking a world famous sport scar like


The Gold Digger Test

Now that Russian YouTube prankster Vitalyzd has grown so popular, he has a problem most men wish for. Girls are much


Lamborghini Driver Crashes Trying To Show Off In Chicago Suburbs

The whole point of a owning a $200,000+ car is to show it off and go fast. And this Chicago


Batman Driving Lamborghini Down Highway

This video from 2011 just went viral now, and already has 60,000 views from just the weekend. Msmeko1 was driving up


Man Jumps Over Moving Lamborghini

There are plenty of 'guy jumps over car' videos out there. Most are fake, some are real, but none involve


Lamborghini Just Misses Hitting Squirrel

This lucky squirrel takes on a Lamborghini and survives to tell about it. Kids, don't try this at home. The