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Crosswinds Throw Turboprop Airplanes Around During Landing

British aviation enthusiast Flugsnug captured some chilling footage of turboprop propeller planes attempting to land at Birmingham Airport. Dash-8 and ATR twin-engine airplanes…

Boeing Business Jet Loses All Visibility At Last Moment Of Landing, Successfully Pulls Up

Doug Lesso was in the cockpit of a Boeing Business Jet when a serious situation unfolded. While approaching the runway for landing,…

Crosswind Landings During Storm At Düsseldorf, Germany

Daring pilots took the plunge to land at Düsseldorf airport even though the winds were so great from a storm. You can really…

Views From Flight Deck Of Airbus During Landing, Takeoff

The AirBus A320 may not be the largest AirBus jetliner, but it is still a massive machine of epic proportions.…



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