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Because using a laptop in your bed is too mainstream


Acer Predator 21X Is The Biggest And Heaviest Laptop Ever

If you happen to have a little spare money (of 9,000 Dollars) and a large amount of arm muscles, maybe


Playing Pac-Man On The MacBook Pro Touch Bar

Getting to play Pac-Man on the new touch bar of the MacBook Pro is kind of a win by Raymond


Sony VAIO Q Series Ultrabook Laptop Size Of A Quarter April Fools

Sony has broken history again, this time making the world's smallest laptop computer, the Sony VAIO Q. It's literally the size of


Macbook Touch – Macbook iPad Hybrid Concept

Oliver Terrisse has gone viral with his impressive 'Macbook Touch' concept video. The viral video that's been viewed more than 100,000 in


Cook Uses MacBook Air To Cut Food

Who would have thought that the MacBook Air was so versatile, you can even cook with it. That's right, some Asian


Kid Makes Horribly Awesome Laptop Review

When nerds look for a review of a computer online, they don't expect this. The reviewer is a thirteen year


Guy Drops Brand New Laptop

I think someone won the laptop. The clutz runs and gets the computer, only to slip over a step. The


Camera Flash Breaks Laptop Screen

Apparently, the flash of a camera causes the LCD screen to crash. I'm assuming it's temporary, otherwise why would they


Mac Book Air Suspended By Balloon At Apple Store FAKE

How could anyone think this was a real for even a moment? Maybe an Apple consumer would. Do you really