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Nerd Builds Epic Laser Shotgun

For years now, laser nerd Styropyro has been entertaining the Internet with his sweet homemade laser devices. Two years ago he went


Police Helicopter Tracks Down Person Who Pointed Laser At Them

Laser pointers are great tools for professors to use during lecture, but they are also dangerous. A laser pointer shined


Cat Goes Crazy With Laser Pointer On Head

You can get a donkey to work all day by tying a carrot to its head to hang right in


Waking Someone Up With A Laser Pointer And A Dog Prank

This video posted by HappenNow03 has gone viral over the week, and stands with over a quarter million views! The silly clip features


Cats Chasing Laser Pointer In Slow Motion GoPro Edition

This video by TTCdirecktor was posted online in June, but has only started to trend now. Cats chasing laser pointers is a


Puffer Fish Chases Laser

This week old video already has 180,000 views and is featured on YouTubeTrends, Neatorama, Geekologie, and StuffIStole. There have been


How To Use A Laser As A Microscope

Using the magic of science, powerm1985 shows us how to see single celled organisms in water with just a laser pointer. First,


Big Cats And Laser Pointers

Kitties chasing laser pointers has been a popular theme online for a long time. But what about big cats? How


Bird Chases Laser Pointer

This video from 2008 had very few views until now. Kiwi is really intrigued by the laser pointer. For over