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Cats Chasing Laser Pointer In Slow Motion GoPro Edition

This video by TTCdirecktor was posted online in June, but has only started to trend now. Cats chasing laser pointers is a


Lego Star Wars Hologram Toy Display

While shopping at a local toy store in Steinkjer, Norway, H1tmonchan and his friend stumbled upon a one of a kind holographic Lego


100 Balloons Popped Domino Style With Laser

WorldScott wanted a world record, and set to accomplish his goal with what he knows best. Lasers. Using a Spyder III Krypton


Real Lightsaber Laser Sword Commercial

This commercial for a real life lightsaber appropriately went viral over the faux Star Wars holiday weekend, and now stands


Guy Builds DIY Star Trek Phaser

DIY nerd RemixCB has fulfilled the dream of countless Baby Boomers. He constructed his very own original Star Trek series style phaser.


Puffer Fish Chases Laser

This week old video already has 180,000 views and is featured on YouTubeTrends, Neatorama, Geekologie, and StuffIStole. There have been


How To Use A Laser As A Microscope

Using the magic of science, powerm1985 shows us how to see single celled organisms in water with just a laser pointer. First,


Dog Shoots Dog With Laser Eyes

MOOse32's girlfriend borrowed a camera from her school for an art project. Instead, he used the camera to record this


Cat Attacks Office In Mini Tank

Like so many countless cat videos online, I assumed this would just be a cute and end with that. Boy


Laser Gun Battle

Freddie W encounters an alien from a UFO. They battle it out for the human race.


Real Homemade Laser Gun

After building a homemade pulse laser gun, the mad scientist gives us a test run shooting different objects.  The gun fires an