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John Oliver On Auto Lending

Cars are a necessity for most Americans as public transportation in even the biggest of cities is barely good enough


John Oliver Olympics Opening Ceremony

The Olympic Games in Rio is finally here. As that's all everyone seems to be talking about, Last Week Tonight host


John Oliver On Endorsements

It seems like everyone has an endorsement these days. Even YouTubers and gamers have endorsements now. John Oliver has noticed this


John Oliver On Professional Sports Doping

Since sports became organized over the past century, doping has been an issue. There's little the rule keepers can do to


John Oliver On The “Brexit”

In case you don't pay much attention to global politics, a very rare vote is about to take place. Great


John Oliver On Retirement Plans

Money makes the world go round. Everyone has to deal with money. As a society, we are told to save as


John Oliver Buys 15 Million Dollars Of Medical Debt And Forgives It All

Debt. It's hard to find someone who doesn't have at least some student, car, or credit card debt. Today, there


John Oliver On Scientific Studies

You've most likely seen a news headline that seemed kind of outlandish. But it said that a study was done,


John Oliver Explains Modern Times To Cicadas From 1999

Everyone loves the summer time. But there are a few setbacks in the warm season. One really annoying part of


John Oliver Discusses The Political Mess Of Puerto Rico

Surprisingly, many Americans don't realize that Puerto Rico is part of America. Sure, it's not a state, but it's a territory,


John Oliver On Credit Reports

Today, your credit score follows you everywhere. This is no escape in our modern world. And that means a bad


John Oliver On Congressional Fundraising

We all know that modern politics has been corrupted by big money, but most of us don't realize just how