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John Oliver On Predatory Lending

Many people who have a financial emergency take out a short term loan provided by a payday loan company. These companies


John Oliver On Native Advertising

There's a dangerous trend on the Internet. More and more news agencies are blending commercials into their content. Buzzfeed started


John Oliver On Nuclear Weapons

In the 1950's and 60's, people were truly terrified of nuclear annihilation. Today, that all seems so ridiculous and dated.


John Oliver On The American Prison System

The USA has a serious prison problem. It's shocking to learn, but America actually has more prisoners than China! You


John Oliver On The Wealth Gap In America

America is the richest country in the world, but it also has one of the worst cases of income inequality,


John Oliver On Dr. Oz And Nutritional Supplements

The nutritional supplements industry is booming. But what most people don't realize is that unless you are seriously malnourished, supplements


John Oliver On Net Neutrality

The issue of Net Neutrality just won't go away. The giant corporations that serve the Internet don't want all data


John Oliver Is Joined By Bill Nye To Prove Climate Change

John Oliver, famous from his work on The Daily Show, has just recently started his own late night show on HBO