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Laughing Parrots Are Terribly Creepy

This relatively ancient video from 2007 has gone viral again now with over 250,000 new views. The video features two


Little Girl Has The Sweetest Reaction After Learning Mommy’s Gonna Have A Baby

Jacob Ouellette and his wife are expecting a third child, so they gathered their daughter and son to tell them the


People Reacting To Driving Ferrari 360 Modena Will Make You Smile

A lot of car enthusiasts are jerks about letting people drive their cars. Doug DeMuro just bought a sweet Ferrari 360 Modena


Little Kid Is Super Happy After Being Given Jordin Tootoo’s Hockey Stick

This might be the luckiest little hockey fan ever. During a pregame warm-up, Canadian professional hockey player Jordin Tootoo noticed a small


Grandmother Riding Roller Coaster For First Time Will Make You Happy

European grandmother Ria Van den Brand is nearly 80 years old, and has never ridden on a roller coaster before. 


Jeff Goldblum Laughing In Jurassic Park Remix

This ridiculous video has gone viral over the past week, and stands with over 210,000 hits. Any fan of Jeff Goldblum


Little Girl’s Reaction To Dad Speeding In Nissan GT-R Is Priceless

Besides for showing off to your friends, the next best thing to do with a super fast Nissan GT-R is


Boy Laughs In Glee While Drifting With Dad

This video by Russian car enthusiast Toxa Avdeev was published in November, but is going viral now.  Dad took his son for


The Way Uncle Henry Reacts In Glee To His Christmas Present Will Make You Feel Like A Kid Again

This Christmas video by Miami Red Skin has instantly gone viral with over one million views! Online viewers can't help but watch


Cardinals Players Make Cop Laugh

This short and silly clip published by MLB has gone viral with over 1.4 million views! While playing the Los Angeles Dodgers, the


Ocean Waves Toss Man Around Boat’s Living Room

Like the Starship Enterprise, it seems the engineers of this boat's living quarters also forgot to include seat belts, or


Tripp And Tyler Laughing

In their new sketch comedy video, Tripp and Tyler cover a slew of different forms of laughter. From the machine gun laugh,