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‘What Is a Photocopier’ Deposition Is The Most Ridiculous Legal Exchange Ever

In 2010, Ohio's Cuyahoga County Recorder's office was sued for charging $2 a page for photocopies of public documents. During


Lawyer Jamie Casino’s Super Bowl Commercial Is Like A Trailer For An Action Movie

This commercial by personal injury lawyer Jamie Casino, which aired locally in Savannah, Georgia has gone viral.  And for good reason. The commercial,


Lawyer Cop M.D. TV Show Commercial

It seems TV is stuck in a rut. For decades, they have been rehashing the same cop-dramas, doctor-dramas, and, more


Dear Sixteen Year Old Me Law School Parody

Dear Sixteen Year Old Me was a viral videos PSA of adults sending messages to their sixteen year old selves,


Law School Cee Lo Green F**k You Spoof

Everyone hates the 'Melvin' nerd in class that always sucks up to the teacher. But in law school, it's unacceptable.


Funny Texas Lawyer Commecial

Jim Hammer is 'The Texas Screwdriver' and will get you justice. Local commercials are always fun, but this guy just