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How To Take Naps In The Pool

The dad who's ages before his time.

I’m Lazy But I Don’t Care

I'm lazy and I know it. But it just feels so good.

Today I don’t want to do anything

Is This The Most Lazy Cat Ever?

Moe the cat is lazy. Reeeaaaally lazy. Although she does want to play with the thrown ping pong ball, her…

This Lazy Dog Doesn’t Care About The Roomba

I would love to be as chilled as this dog, not giving a damn about this little cleaning robot that…

The Science Of Laziness

Ahh, it's finally the lazy weekend. But what is it about lounging around doing nothing that feels so darn good?…

Lazy Dog Lies On The Floor Eating Spilled Dog Food

Most dogs go crazy over spilled food; like a kid in the┬ácandy store.┬áBut this lazy dog doesn't care. He just…

Lazy Cat Just Sits As Bird Steal Its Food

I can't believe it, but the real Garfield has been found. Here, the real life lazy Garfield cat just sits…


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