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1000W LED on a DRONE

This is pretty crazy. rctestflight did put a 1000W LED light bar underneath the Freefly Alta drone. It feels like


1000W LED Flashlight Is Super Bright

It was only a few years ago that LED's were brand new, expensive technology. Though they are still not dirt cheap,


LED Minnie Mouse Stick Figure Costume For Toddler Is The Cutest

Nerdy dad Visual Burrito went viral last year when he posted his baby daughter's adorable glowing stick figure costume made from


Glowing Stick-Man Baby Finally Goes Trick Or Treating

Surely viewers will remember the ultra viral stick man baby costume that exploded online before Halloween. LED nerd Visual Burrito posted the


Snowboarding LED Stickmen

Just last week, Visual Burrito went viralviral with their daughter's adorable LED stickman Halloween costume. The short clip has managed to amass


Baby’s Adorable LED ‘Stickman’ Light Suit Halloween Costume Is The Cutest

The Halloween costumes for 2013 are pouring in online, and Visual Burrito is already trending with this short video of the


Soccer Player Leo Messi Performs In LED Light Suit In Slow Motion Adidas Commercial

To promote their new new adizero F50 Messi boot, Adidas Football teamed up with Argentine soccer star Leo Messi. They outfitted the famous athlete


Snowboarding At Night Covered In LEDs

Fashion photographer and filmmaker Jacob Sutton went to the French mountains to create very unique visual effects. He recorded pro snowboarder William Hughes


Spinning LED Light Ball

I can stare at this forever. Until I have a seizure. Here's some info on the gizmo: Unlike it's predecessor