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Every Thing You Know Is Now Made Of LEGO

This stop-motion video of daily breakfast in LEGO is straight up awesome! [embed][/embed]


Will Arnett’s LEGO Batman Toy Shop Prank

Besides walking over a bed of Legos (voice) actor Will Arnett also is keen on being part of entertaining pranks.


Will Arnett Walks Barefoot Over A Bed Of Legos

If you happen to have friends who talk about those motivational stunts like walking over glowing ashes - show them


Everything Wrong With The Lego Movie

Over 1.5 million people already have seen this newest segment by Cinema Sins showing us everything that is wrong with


Ed Sheeran Once Took LEGO To A Date

Even if you don't happen to fancy the music of recording artist Ed Sheeran you have to like him as


Awesome Underwater LEGO Train

This cool underwater tunnel built by BANANENBUURMAN got viral arount the change of years with over half a million views


Crushing A Nokia 3310 With A Hydraulic Press

Will the most robust mobile device of all time survive the hydraulic press? Of course not. And it looks beautiful


Why Does Stepping On Legos Hurt So Much?

I wonder why Jack Bauer or other interogators haven't used LEGO walks before to get intel out of people. Everyone


This Awesome LEGO Nerf Gun Is Actually Working

A pretty neat build by AstonishingStudios who made a "Maverick REV-6" model out of LEGO. A functional Nerf Gun replica


Build Your Own Working LEGO Piranha Plant

JK Brickworks has built this cool piranha plant out of LEGO stones. The video of him explaining, how he did


Cute Lego Thanksgiving Stopmotion

A very well done stopmotion by MICHAELHICKOXFilms, who tells us the story of a family man flying home to cook


LEGO Harry Potter In 90 Seconds

How It Should Have Ended show us a pretty well done stopmotion animation recap of the whole "Harry Potter" saga.