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Lego Star Wars Celebrates Father’s Day

Happy Father's Day! To get into the spirit of the holiday, LEGO commissioned this Lego Star Wars video in which a


LEGO Voldemort Meets Gandalf While Wand Shopping

All nerds know that He Who Must Not Be Named is the most powerful wizard in the world. Or is


Lego Casino Royale

Barely 10 years ago, Lego introduced their computer Lego MindStorm line, along with their camera movie making kit. After several


Cat Interrupts Man’s Lego Town Promo

There's nothing better than when a pet interrupts something important or serious, especially when it's caught on camera. The Internet just loves


Lego Breaking Bad Video Game Parody

New YouTuber on the block Brian Anderson has instantly exploded online, mashing up countless web favorites into one epic parody video. He mixed Legos,


Lego Harlem Shake In 2015 Ends With A Twist

Oh man, not another Harlem... Wait! This one's different! Besides for being one of the best Lego-themed version of the


Homemade LEGO Ball Clock

Jason Allemann designed and built his very own custom ball clock using only LEGO pieces that has now gone viralviral. The


The Dark Knight Rises Trailer Recreated In Lego

At some point in the past decade, Lego started remaking everything. Be it Star Wars, video games, or even Lord


Grand Theft Auto 5 Trailer LEGO Remake

The excitement surrounding RockStar Games' new upcoming installment of their highly popular Grand Theft Auto video game series continues to grow. 


Boy With Asperger’s Syndrome Writes To Lego After Set He Was Saving For Was Discontinued

Onsitestudios' son James is ten years old and suffers from Asperger's Syndrome. His favorite toys are Lego's which he has been playing


Daredevil Felix Baumgartner’s Jump From Space Recreated In Lego

With the 24 news cycle and the Internet, Felix Baumgartner's breath-taking jump from space that broke records may already seem old.


Foster The People’s ‘Houdini’ Lego Music Video

Dylan Woodley is seventeen and is still playing with Legos. Well, not exactly playing. He spent hundreds of hours working