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Asking People How Trump’s First Day In Office Was – Before It Happened

Especially in politics and nowerdays we have to handle lies, fake news and "alternative facts". So this issue of "Lie

Lie Witness News: Obama Runs for Third Term

Jimmy Kimmel and his team did have their fun with this "Lie Witness News" edition. President Obama running a third


Miley Cyrus Disguised As A Reporter Interviews Passersby In California

The Video Music Awards is this Sunday, and will be hosted by Miley Cyrus. Realizing that she is such a


Fans Admit To Loving Fake Bands At SXSW 2015

South by Southwest, commonly referred to as SXSW, is one of the most popular annual music festivals. But Jimmy Kimmel has noticed


Lying Fools Agree With Made Up News About Obama

Jimmy Kimmel loves sending his camera crew to Hollywood Blvd in Los Angeles to prove that most strangers will agree with anything


Foolish People Don’t Know Anything About Martin Luther King

This past Monday, the country celebrated the life of Dr. Martin Luther Jing Jr. and the positive impact he had on


Stupid Fashionistas Lies About Fashion

Jimmy Kimmel loves sending his camera crews to the streets to catch people making fools of themselves. And at Fashion Week,


Soccer Fans Lie About The World Cup

Most Americans have no idea what the actual rules of professional soccer are. But Jimmy Kimmel has discovered that even self-proclaimed soccer


You Should Be Very Scared That Some People Believe Godzilla Is Real

Godzilla is terrifying. In the movies of course. But let's be clear: he's not real! Sadly, Jimmy Kimmel was able to find


Fake Drake Asks Passersby What They Think Of Him

Rap star Drake dressed up in an outrageous costume to take part in Jimmy Kimmel's popular Lie Witness News segment. Dressed


Fans At SXSW Lie About Liking Fake Bands

Why can't people just be honest? For some reason, whenever there is a camera around people will BS about the