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Hero Lifeguard Saves Drowning Little Girl At The Beach Just In Time

Most people go swimming at the beach without thinking about the lifeguards. But the lifeguards have the very difficult job of…

Lifeguard Rescues Girl In Wave Pool

This two month old video has only exploded online over the weekend, garnering over 750,000 hits. The Lifeguard Rescue video shows a…

Lifeguards Fired For Starring In Lifeguard Themed GANGNAM STYLE Music Video

RoaBoat and thirteen other California lifeguards got caught up in the Gangnam Style frenzy, and made a fun lifeguard themed music…

Dog ‘Lifeguard’ Helps Puppy Out Of Pool

This week old video by pet channel PETSAMI went viral in the past few days, and now has over one million…



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