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When Your Life Is Falling Apart

When your life is falling apart, and Mercury isn't even in retrograde.

When Kids Take The Razor In Their Own Hands, Beautiful Things Happen

Kids have their own will, and rightfully so. They are allowed to discover what works for them or not. Cutting…

This Is The Thug Life

Does Life Even Make Sense?

If Life Was A Game, This Is The Ultimate Walk-Through

That dude from Casually Explained is at it again. He created some excellent steps to perform at a maximum level…

People Ages 5-75 Answer: What Would Improve The Quality Of Your Life?

Interesting video by Glamour Magazine about the really important things in life... ;) "We asked people of all ages what…

Simon’s Cat: A Day In The Life Of A Cat Owner

I just can imagine how life with a cat must be. Thanks to this recent video by Simon's Cat I…

70 People Ages 5-75 Answer: What’s Your Goal In Life?

Lots of people, one question. This simple but entertaining formula used by the Glamour Magazine brings us a lot of…

A Guide to Worrying

This is a parody. With a very serious message. Comedian and Youtuber exurb1a tells you to worry about your thing…

Guy gives up plastic for a month

There is a lot of plastic around. Lifehunters want to raise awareness, that it is way too much. So a…


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