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Update On Casey Neistat’s Beme Company

Casey updates us regularly on his life and businesses, and in this one he explains an important step forward for his


Every Sleepover Ever

Smosh shows us a typical sleepover and got over 1.2 million views for it so far. "Sleepovers - whether it's


Casey Neistat Went Bowling In The White House Basement

If you get a mail of someone claiming, he'd work at the White House, offering you an evening with bowling


How to Open A Tough Jar

Quinton is such a wise man! He not only knows how to open really jammed jars, no, he knows his


70 People Ages 5-75 Answer: What’s Your Goal In Life?

Lots of people, one question. This simple but entertaining formula used by the Glamour Magazine brings us a lot of


4-Year Old Gives Best Advice For New Year’s Resolutions

Maybe you have some resolutions for the new year, that you still want to get realized in 2017. I for


If Every Famous Diet Idea Was Honest

Another entertaining issue of "Honest Ads" by Cracked. This time they tell us the truth about diets. Probably a good


An Honest New Year’s Eve Party

After ASAP Science's prediction of your New Year's going to suck, College Humor presents us an honest New Year's Eve


This Is Why Your New Year’s Will SUCK!

It's always the same, isn't it? We all want to make New Year's Eve to the best evening and party


Every Hipster Ever

Smosh present us a funny parody of this ongoing hipster thing. Resulting in over 1.2 million views already on YouTube!


An ode to Daylight Saving Time

Don't forget to turn the clocks! WhatsUpMoms serves us a charming little reminder and gives advice to just take it

Watch A Vegetarian Eat Meat For The First Time In 22 Years

Stephanie Potakis from The Onion hasn't eaten meat since the fourth grade. What a great idea of The A.V. Club