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Nokia Presents Epic Light Show On Millbank Tower

Millbank Tower is an iconic skyscraper visible for miles in the British night. But on November 28th, it was plunged


Halloween Light Show – This Is Halloween

First, the Halloween light show for LMFAO's Party Rock Anthem went viral. Now, another video by KJ92508 has quickly become popular,


Party Rock Anthem Halloween Light Show

One of the first viral videos online was a Christmas decorations light show complete with synchronized music. Ever since then,


LED Light Cube

Just a sweet LED light cube flashing in sync to cool music.


Spinning LED Light Ball

I can stare at this forever. Until I have a seizure. Here's some info on the gizmo: Unlike it's predecessor


Halloween Light Show House – Pump It Black Eyed Peas, Thriller Michael Jackson

A huge Halloween theme light show. I can't believe some one spent a ton of time setting up the animation


Halloween Light Show Decorations – This Is Halloween

There are many viral Christmas light show decorations online, but not as many Halloween light shows. So here's one of


Prague Clock Tower 600th Anniversary Light Show Video Mapping

In honor of Prague 600 year old Astronomical Clock in Old Town Square, a crazy video mapping light show is


Epic Light Show On Neoclassical Building

This light show is awesome. On a Neoclassic building reminiscent of the White House, huge projectors give a show. Fish