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Huge Flames Light Up the Night

Huge Flames Light Up the Night This video captured huge flames at a distance filling the night sky with orange


200,000 Sparklers Burnin At The Same Time

After the 10,000 sparklers burning a few weeks ago, we take this amount and multiply it with 20 to get


World Record: 72,585 Candles On A Birthday Cake

If you ever happen to turn 72,584 years old - don't worry! There is always a cake big enough to


UV Camera Shows 10 Fruits In An Amazing New Way

Mathieu Stern worked together with infrafet and ultraviolet photographer Pierre-Louis Ferrer to get these interesting images. Fruits under UV light.

Dynamic Projection Mapping On Shirts And Other Deformed Surfaces

Oh wow - this invention by the Ishikawa Watanabe Laboratory is astonishing! Bringing light mapping onto non-flat surfaces, even when

1000W LED on a DRONE

This is pretty crazy. rctestflight did put a 1000W LED light bar underneath the Freefly Alta drone. It feels like

Interactive Glowing Wall

I really want to have one like this! Mark Rober built this awesome interactive light glowing wall. Good thing he


Dad is Ecstatic About his new Light-Up Sneakers

Just like a little child - awesome! via: koreus


Soccer Player Leo Messi Performs In LED Light Suit In Slow Motion Adidas Commercial

To promote their new new adizero F50 Messi boot, Adidas Football teamed up with Argentine soccer star Leo Messi. They outfitted the famous athlete


Epic Light Show On Neoclassical Building

This light show is awesome. On a Neoclassic building reminiscent of the White House, huge projectors give a show. Fish