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Jimmy Fallon And Lindsay Lohan Play Water War

Any fan of Jimmy Fallon knows that he absolutely loves playing games with his Hollywood guests. After hosting and interviewing tabloid


Celebrities Discuss Fame And Life In Los Angeles In ‘City Of Angels’ Music Video

30 Seconds To Mars has gone viral with their nontraditional music video for their single City Of Angels.  Instead of simply having


Lindsay Lohan’s Face Over 25 Years

America just can't get enough of self destructive celebrities, especially young starlets. Lindsay Lohan is a special national favorite as


Lindsay Lohan Commercial For

Even though tabloid famous Lindsay Lohan is basically a washed up actress and is under house arrest, she can still


Lindsay Lohan Stars In Short Art Clip

Lindsay Lohan isn't out of the spot light completely yet. She may have lost her chance at being on the


American Jewish World Service AJWS Celebrity PSA

A bunch of Jewish and non Jewish celebrities star in a public service  announcement for AJWS asking for donations to help


NEW Lindsay Lohan Facebook Cameo Commercial – Huge Fortune Cookie

I have no idea what she's promoting or what's the point of this, but it's Lindsay Lohan, and people go