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Awkward Way to Carry Cargo

19 September, 2019

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18 September, 2019



Lindsey Stirling Dragon Age Music Video

Popular online violinist Lindsey Stirling is trending online after debuting her latest music video. Dragon Age features dramatic special effects, visuals, and of


Lindsey Stirling And Lzzy Hale Star In ‘Shatter Me’ Music Video

Lzzy Hale of Grammy-award winning rock band Halestorm guest stars in violin queen Lindsey Stirling's latest music video. The two put on a


Fields Of Gold Cover Music Video By Tyler Ward, Lindsey Stirling, And Peter Hollens

Famous YouTube singers Peter Hollens and Tyler Ward teamed up with prominent violinist Lindsey Stirling to create this brand new cover song. The three musicians stroll


Beyond The Veil By Lindsey Stirling

Prominent online violinist Lindsey Stirling has blown viewers away with her newest original song. Not only does Beyond The Veil sound gorgeous, but


Oh Come, Emmanuel Cover By Lindsey Stirling And Kuha’o Case

Popular violinist Lindsey Stirling teamed up with self-taught blind pianist Kuha'o Case for her latest music video.  Together, they perfectly blend their talents to


Minimal Beat Music Video By Lindsey Stirling

Prominent YouTube violinist Lindsey Stirling has just debuted her newest original piece, titled Minimal Beat.  The music video features Lindsey travelling and playing


Pokémon Dubstep Remix With Lindsey Stirling

Popular online violinist Lindsey Stirling collaborated with equally admired music producer Kurt Hugo Schneider to bring Pokemon into the new century musically.


A Cappella Star Wars Medley By Lindsey Stirling And Peter Hollensin

Legendary YouTube musicians Lindsey Stomp and Peter Hollens both waited until the last day of YouTube Geek Week to debut their rocking collaboration music


Halo Medley With Lindsey Stirling And William Joseph

The web's favorite violinist Lindsay Stirling teamed up with pianist William Joseph and videographer Devin Supertramp to deliver this new nerdy music video. 


YouTubers Help Jesse Heiman Become A Viral Video Star In ‘Social Star Awards’ Commercial

Jesse Heiman is best known in Hollywood as the world's greatest extra. He's extra-ed in countless feature films, all while


Mission Impossible Theme Song Covered By Lindsey Stirling And The Piano Guys

The Piano Guys and Lindsey Stomp are both on top of the online string musicians world, each with over one million YouTube subscribers. 


Thrift Shop Violin Cover By Lindsey Stirling And Tyler Ward

Thift Shop by Mackelmore and Ryan Lewish continues to trend online. The latest to cover the popular rap track is popular



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