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Everything Wrong With The Lion King

One of the most famous animated movies out there is Disney's The Lion King. But no film is perfect, even a


The Lion King And Aladdin Broadway Casts Sing While Waiting At The Airport

Is there anything worse than being stuck at the airport waiting indefinitely for your flight when there is a weather


Lion King Broadway Cast Sings ‘Circle Of Life’ On NYC Subway

Veteran New Yorkers are used to spontaneous performances erupting while travelling on the Subway. Sadly, not all performances are that


Honest Trailer Of The Lion King

Disney's Lion King is one of their most popular animated feature films. And for good reason, the movie has something for


Lion King Cast Sings Circle Of Life On Flight Home

After a successful season launch, cast members of Disney On Broadway's The Lion King decided to sing the classic hit song Circle


Girls Terribly Sings The Circle Of Life

Ten years ago, Jordan Orlandini received an iPod and camera for Christmas. Naturally, she put them both to good use by singing


The Lion King Kitten Edition

The Pet Collective loves to cover pop culture phenomenons with an adorable pet theme.  They last went viral with their precious


Rafiki Throws Simba Off Of Pride Rock Lion King Introduction Parody

What child doesn't have the introduction of Disney's The Lion King burned into their memory? The movie is one of Disney's


Dog Cries During Lion King

Just over the weekend, video of an adorable pug seemingly cheering at the end of Homeward Bound hit the viral


Disturbing 3D Recreation Of Mufasa’s Death Scene From Lion King

This disturbing clip originated on bryko before being uploaded by Lifesuit. The video features a 3D computer graphics rendering of the saddest scene


Old Men Sing Can You Feel The Love Tonight At Canadian Tim Horton’s Coffee Shop

Remember the viral video of a train car of Canadian commuters who burst into song on the way home from


The Lion King Lion Roar Voice Over By Frank Welker

The Lion King is one of Disney's most popular films, but did you ever wonder where the lions' roars were