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7 Signs That Cats Are Scientists

This video shows compelling evidence that cats are scientists. I'm just waiting for the cat-Einstein to emerge to explain to


50 Amazing Facts To Blow Your Mind

The world truly is a remarkable place, and these guys put in great effort to make it graspable for us.


Top 6 Cartoon Characters who finally revealed their secret faces

What the hell does Kenny from South Park look like? And what about all those cartoon characters who we have


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Summer is most people's favorite season. To help make summer even more enjoyable, the Household Hacker demonstrates ten easy summer life hacks


Hilarious Magic Foods Pranks

Rich Ferguson is famous online for his unique and creative pranks and magic tricks. For his latest video, he demonstrates 10


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The Internet is covered with stupid and silly life hacks. But one of the original life hack experts, the Household Hacker,


Simple Life Hacks Using An Iron

Fewer and fewer people use irons as today's culture becomes more and more laid back. Even business attire has gone


The People You Meet On An Airplane

A flight can be ruined just by having a bad neighbor sitting next to you. Talk, stinking, or snoring, they


10 Amazing Paper Stunts

Richard Wiseman of Quirkology is back with a new list of fun tricks to wow and show off to your friends. This


Every Best Visual Effects Winner Ever

Special effects have been around since the dawn of film. Movies like The Matrix and Star Wars are famous for


10 Amazing Bets You Will Always Win Part 15

Richard Wiseman of Quirkology is back with another episode is his popular amazing bets series. In Part 15, he demonstrates how to blow


Simple Survival Life Hacks

The term 'life hack' gets thrown around a lot online. Most of the hacks are unhelpful tricks for problems that don't really