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Little Boy With Crumbs On His Face Wants A Doughnut

It's not a secret kids are hooked on sugar. It's a predicament parents have to deal with everyday. This mom


German McDonald’s Commercial Takes On Burger King

It's not just America where Burger King and McDonald's battle to be the number one fast food distributor; now it's


Boy Cries ‘I Hate Tom Brady’

Little kids crying over sports has become a regular viral video theme online recently. Kids just can't control their emotions


Boy Cries That NY Jets Lost And Won’t Make It To The Playoffs

Kids really take sports seriously, and every sports season there are parents who record their kids crying over their team


Little Boy Gives Cute Wedding Speech

The worst part about weddings are all the dang speeches. They take forever, and are usually slow and boring. But


Little Boy Dancing In His Seat On Subway

It's not uncommon to see people getting into their music on their daily commute, but usually not kids. This young


US Airman Surprises Son By Hiding In Huge Birthday Present

As a child, there is nothing more exciting than an enormous birthday present. What could be inside this huge  box


Little Boy Thinks Fly’s Mom Will Save It From Spider Web

Remember the adorable little boy who went viral fishing with his dad for the first time? Well, little Teddy is


Boy Falls Asleep Eating Ice Cream

Sometimes you want two things, but can't have them both. As a little kid, ice cream is a gift from