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Girl Gets Shorts Stuck When Climbing Over Gate At Concert

Blink-182 played at The Melbourne Soundwave Festival 2013 in Australia over the past weekend. One daring girl climbed over a gate


Harlem Shake Live Concert Edition

As with all fun Internet memes, the shock and novelty of the Harlem Shake craze has already waned. But still,


Fan Performs On Stage With Steel Panther

Musician Kamel Kheridden posted this concert video back in October, but it has only gone viralviral over the weekend after appearing


Awesome Asian Guy Gets On Stage At Green Day Concert And Stage Dives

NSFW Warning- One F Bomb is dropped.  Let's go into the new year with a bang, like this awesome Asian


Enter Sandman Bossa Nova Cover At Wedding

Playing a countless weddings can really take its toll on the band. The same old songs over and over are


PSY And MC Hammer Perform Gangnam Style-2 Legit 2 Quit Mash Up At American Music Awards

Naturally, at last night's American Music Awards, Korean super star PSY and his hit single Gangnam Style was the center of the show. But


Madonna And Psy Perform Give it 2 Me-Gangnam Style Mash Up At NYC Concert

Korean rap star PSY continues to dominate the pop music world, and now, even Madonna is getting in on the Gangnam


Two Men Perform Amazing Tesla Coil Lightning Show

Two men performed an out of this world Tesla coil show at the Belfast Festival at Queen's that took place over the weekend. Wearing


Twelve Year Old Boy Has First Kiss With Carrie Underwood On Stage At Concert

It's every boy's dream to kiss his celebrity crush, especially for that kiss to be his first. Twelve year old


Green Day’s Billie Joe Freaks Out After I Heart Radio Show Is Cut Short For Usher

NSFW Warning - language Though they may not be so 'hip' today, most people online grew up with the 90's


PSY Performs Gangnam Style Live At Korean Concert

Pop songs are often so dependent on computers and auto-tuning, the live performance of the hit usually falls flat. But Korean pop


Nelly Furtado Performs Gangnam Style

Nelly Furtado is the first big time celebrity to go viral online covering Korean pop star PSY. She covered his hit