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Baby Laughs Like a Chipmunk

You know why we are always excited about baby videos? Because it is always a thrill to see what these…

Truck Vs. Tree Part 3109

You've seen it before, truck is strong, tree is also strong, they fight, tree wins. Except this time it goes…

When VR Is Too Immersive

VR is the hottest new thing on the block, and it's getting integrated into more and more homes everyday. But…

The Animoji Impersonator

This one makes for great stories at birthdays: "Well, what do you do for a living?" "I mimic smileys people…

Working At The Car Wash

Not sure if funny ride or about to throw up. [embed][/embed]

Fails In September

What a way to end a summer full of fails! [embed][/embed]

In Your Face!

The most vulnerable part of the human body maybe... Ouch! [embed][/embed]

Be Careful What You Watch When The Broadcast Is Live

Or at least make sure nobody can look on your screen! [embed][/embed]

Game Of Thrones Fanboys

Look at these geeks at their Game of Thrones meet and greet! Oh wait...

Alpha Males Do Not Exist

Alpha male? Beta guy? It's all rubbish. [embed][/embed]

Charged With Attempted Clumsiness

Robber runs away as fast as he can after his crime.

Horse Doesn’t Like Its New Play Buddy

The animal kingdom is one tough motherf*cker. Savage! [embed][/embed]


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