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Disabled Dogs In Wheelcarts Play In Field

Disabled dogs are just like every other dog. They love to frolic, run around, and play catch. This video by


Guy Digitally Insert His Dog Into Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park? More like Jurassic Bark! YouTuber Alienufosarereal has just made the Spielberg 90's dinosaur movie better by digitally inserting his dog


Geese Marching Band Is Adorable

It's not everyday you see a marching band. Especially a marching band consisting of geese. But that's exactly what tourists


YouTube Birthday Karaoke Party

It's crazy to think about, but YouTube has been around for nine long years. To celebrate nine great years, YouTube


Dad Turns The Tables On Prankster Son In The Best Way

Deji Olatunji of Comedy Shorts Gamer loves pranking his dad.  But after going around the block one too many times, his father


German Grocery Store Music Video Supergeil Will Have You Asking WTF?

German musician and entertainer Friedrich Liechtenstein stars in this hilariously weird commercial-music video for Germany's largest grocery store chain EDEKA. The catchy


Security Questions Comedy Sketch

Everyone has to deal with them. Those annoying security questions asked by most sites after confirming a password. If for


Airport Cart Driver Makes The “Beep!” Sound Himself

Large motorized carts in public places usually have an automated beep warning when moving. But when GrimbleGromble1 was at the airport, they