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Pay Attention Or Look Like A Fool

Your choice. Act normal or fail miserably. [embed][/embed]

If White Walkers Were Teenage Girls

Game of Thrones is back and so are the White Walkers. Scary as ever, but you might view them a…

A Casual Dive

When you're too mesmerized too realize you are wearing a bloody suit.

Reporting With A Helicopter Behind You Is Not The Best Idea

You can speak up all you want, but it doesn't make a difference.

I Just Wanna Hear Myself Talk

Create your own safe space and never listen to anyone ever again! [embed][/embed]

Doug Fernandez Just Has Had Enough

Sometimes it's not your day and it's just best to give up. [embed][/embed]

Bonfire Gets Upset When People Throw Stuff At It

Warning: do not put accelerants on a bonfire. Because things get heated real quick. [embed][/embed]

Motivational Slogan Is Motivational

How did they know I was going to buy this poster?

How To Properly Introduce Yourself To A Group Of People

Ever feel awkward when you're new to a larger group of people? Fear no more, this dude got your back.…

Look Out For That Bush

It's that time of the week again. Fails, fails and even more fails. I just can't get enough, does that…

A New God Is Born

The Crazy Leaf Blower God. Albeit he's a bit young to be a God, he does have that impressive, powerful…

Gorilla Splashing In His Private Pool

Did you ever see a swimming gorilla? Let alone a gorilla having fun in the water like a baby?! Aww!…


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