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Fails Of The Week: Bridesmaid Ruins Wedding

This compilation of fails starts off with a malfunctioning parachute, and as if that's not terrifying enough, there rest of…

Happy Sis

I can finally have my own bedroom!


This dad is a jolly old chap, and I love how talkative he is. He really speaks straight to your…

It’s Raining… Sprinkles?!

Ice cream without sprinkles is too bland as far as I'm concerned. These guys feel the same way and luckily…

The Best Fails From May 2017

Another month has gone by, another month of people doing stupid stuff. They're doing it for our enjoyment and to…

Kids Try Russian Food

Did you ever try Russian food? If you're not familiar with it, it doesn't sound very appealing does it? Now…

Reporter Goes HAM Inside Disney Ride

This reporter is keen on checking out Disney's Guardians of the Galaxy ride, and boy, is he in for a…

Fidget Spinners: The Hype Is Over

Fidget spinners, fidget spinners everywhere. The hype is real... was real. It's over boys, wrap it up. [embed][/embed]

Grated Cheese With Style

Grated cheese has never tasted this good, I promise.

Fidget Spinners Are The Latest Hype

These adults learn what a fidget spinner is all about and why it's absolutely necessary to own one yourself. [embed][/embed]

Have A Laugh At The Fails Of The Month

People failing never stops to entertain, so we're always making some room for a fail compilation.

Dog Sets Eyes On A Very Special Stick

Sticks are essential in a dog's life, but it can be hard to attain one...


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