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Dog Has Smart Way Of Dealing With Vacuum Cleaner

Dogs and vacuum cleaners are arch-enemies, but this dog has a clever way of shutting his archenemy up forever.

Vacuum Cleaner Screams At The Top Of Its Lungs

Usually it's the vacuum cleaner that frightens animals or small kids, but this one is easily scared itself. LOL.


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Your Weekly Dose Of Brutal Human Fails

Every day, every hour, every minute, someone, somewhere, fails. Sometimes just a tiny, little fail, often they mess up in…

A Giant Sumo Battle Of Epic Proportions

If this giant sumo battle doesn't get your heart racing, I don't know what is.

Some Movie Bloopers Are Just Too Good To Delete

Sometimes we wish movie directors would just keep the blooper reel, it would make for such amazing movies!

When You’re Jogging And Run Into A Dinosaur

Remi Gaillard is lucky a lot of people don't recognize him yet. This makes room for him to keep pulling…

Surprise! You’re On Our Live News Broadcast!

A news anchor is obviously expected to be ready when she facing the camera. This woman got it into her…

Others Have Failed To Get You Through The Day

Some accidents are nothing to smirk about, but once the victims see fit to upload their failsĀ online... It basically gives…

Fails Of The Week: There Are A Lot Of Naughty Babies Involved

It's always kind of nice to see other people fail. When you're that hungry for the camera, to show off…

The LOL Goat

This Elderly Couple Still Has The Greatest Time Together

Grandma has seen a little trick on the internet, and grandpa is the victim here. We couldn't contain our laugh…


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