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When You’re Trying To Play A Soccer Game But There’s A Bloody Dog In The Way

The game probably wasn't that interesting, so this dog invading the pitch was the highlight of the day. It has…

At First I Was Like LOL

A Very Tasty Giant Gummy Bear

Gummy bears are yummy as they are, but what if they would be so big to not fit in your…

These Cats Are Taking Over The World With Their Polite Manners

Unlike dogs, who gobble up their meal in mere seconds, these cats are extremely civilized and well-mannered. They take sophisticated…

These Guys Scream Like Little Girls When They Turn Into A Giant Balloon

The enthusiasm of these guys is hilarious. They can barely contain themselves when they start experimenting with a giant balloon.…

Watch The World’s Most Relaxed Cat Just… Relax

Zen feels guaranteed. Try to copy┬áits pose and see if it works for you too. Do this for just five…

A Giant Human Claw Machine Makes You Feel Alive

Those claw machines at your local fair were epic. Why wouldn't you recreate that happy, exciting feeling again? In real…

The News Isn’t Always As Serious As You Would Expect

While the news is a serious setting, there do happen some seriously funny things every now and then. Every correspondent…

Goat LOL

Basketball Makes For Some Excellent Fail Compilations

When you've ever touched a basketball, you know a ton of stuff can go wrong. Which is why we never…

When You Fail, You Might As Well Make A Grand Show Out Of It

You won't be the only one chuckling away by someone else's fails, and rightfully so. If you're just being careless…


GIF At first I lol’d, hold up, serioused, wait a minute, WTF GIF


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