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How To Properly Coil Cables

This obscure how-to video by the London School of Sound has gone viral months after first debuting online, amassing over 200,000 views


Andrew Henderson Performs Insane Soccer Tricks

UK footballer Andrew Henderson is famous for his outrageous freestyle football (or soccer as we Yanks put it) skills. He recently demonstrated


Squirtgun Camera Prank In London

While visiting in London, RomanAtwood and Dennis Roady took full advantage of their tourist status to prank the locals and other travelers. With


Mayor Of London Calls Him Opponents Great Protoplasmic Invertebrate Jellies

Saatli Bamba posted this short yet sweet video nearly four months ago, but it has only exploded onto the viral video


British Magician Dynamo Levitates On Side Of Double Decker Bus

London is one of the world's most famous cities, renown for their tea, Buckingham Palace guards, and of course, their


Using The Force To Open Elevator Doors Prank

The Jester Lads used the elevators at King's College London to prank unknowing students. While one prankster dressed as a menacing Jedi rode the


Crowd Sings Bohemian Rhapsody At Green Day Concert

There are few songs in the world that can bring together tens of thousands of people. One of those rare


Baby Squirrel Chilling On Guy’s Shoulder

Just over two years ago, Charlie Briggs was hanging out on campus when a baby squirrel approached him and fell asleep


Guy Challenges Old Man To Dance Off At London Muse And Dizzee Rascal Concert

Muse just held a concert at Emirates Stadium in London over the weekend, with Bastille and Dizzee Rascal opening. As usual,


Justin Bieber Stands Up To Paparazzi In London

NSFW Warning - language  Justin Bieber isn't just an American or Canadian pop star. He's famous world wide. And that


Man Holding Knife At Buckingham Palace Is Tazered

Grant Shepherd was at the world famous Buckingham Palace in London when a "crazy man with a knife to his throat brought


London Comic Con Cosplay Music Video

London Comic Con MCM Expo is obviously a huge event for all things nerd. Be it comics, video games, TV shows,