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The History Behind The London Bridge

We all know the nursery rhyme London Bridge is Falling Down, but what's the history behind the song? YouTube science guru Minute Physics,


Local NBC Sportscaster Rants About Bob Costas Overtime Reporting Of Olympics

Bob Costas may not think going over midnight by a few minutes is a big deal. He is reporting on


Olympic Boat Racing Parody Commentary

Francis Higgins went viral over the weekend with this hilarious Irish commentary spoof of a recent Olympic boat race. Most fans


Happiest Olympic Worker

The British are known for their dry humor, but this Olympics worker really takes things to the next level. On


Mr. Bean At Olympics 2012 Opening Ceremonies

The Olympics are a serious time for serious athletes to... seriously compete. So inviting the extremely goofy Mr. Bean to be apart


Breakfast Guy Doesn’t Care About The Olympics

The Olympics only comes around once every four years, and the chance that the world wide competition will take place


Explaining The ‘City Of London’ Inside Of London

Most Americans don't even know the correct difference between England, The United Kingdom, and Great Britain, but at least they've


Australian Foxtel Commercial For London Olympics 2012

In just one month, the London Summer Olympics will begin. Australian cable television provider Foxtel made this unique ad to promote


Thor Breaks Uncomfortable News

Chris Hemsworth, best known for playing Thor, was a recent guest on the UK radio show 958CapitalFMLondon. He was asked by


Best Job – Proctor And Gamble 2012 Olympic Games Mother Themed Commercial

Procter & Gamble hit a viral home run with their latest ad campaign for the London 2012 Olympic games. In this week


The Guardian Three Little Pigs Commercial

The Three Little Pigs is one of the oldest fairy tales, and is known around the world. But what if


Olympic Games Rings Being Built Timelapse

There's still plenty of time before the upcoming Olympics are really on anybody's mind, but that doesn't mean there isn't