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Brave Girl Pulls Her Tooth With Sling Bow

Most kids are terrified to have their dad pull their tooth out. But brave Alexis Davidson was so ready for her loose tooth to


Dog Dentist – Dad Pulls Daughter’s Loose Tooth By Attaching It To Family Dog And Playing Fetch

The Internet has seen countless creative and imaginative ways for dads to pull their kid's loose tooth. But none of


Easton Pulls Loose Tooth With Remote Control Monster Truck

Kids pulling their loose teeth out in creative ways under the leadership of dad always make for fun and adorable


Girl Pulls Her Tooth With Bow And Arrow

Most kids are terrified to pull their loose tooth, but not this tough girl. With the help of mom and


Boy Ties Nerf Gun Around His Loose Tooth And Fires

This video from the summer of 2010 had almost no views, but just suddenly went viral this December. Instead of


Older Sister Pulls Brother’s Tooth Out With Mini Motorcycle

I remember so many cartoon's showcasing ridiculous ways to yank a loose tooth out. It seems every kid's show has