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Prankster Dresses In A Tux With A Fake Oscar Award And Everyone Falls For It

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to win an Oscar award? It's the pinnacle of achievement for


Jimmy Fallon Spoofs Iconic Fresh Prince Intro On The Tonight Show

Jimmy Fallon is just a little bit obsessed with the 90's. In a good way. What 90's kid still doesn't have


Noodles Around The World Will Make Your Mouth Water

Actress and foodie Lynn Chen teamed up with BuzzFeed to try as many different pasta and noodle dishes from around the


Tornado In South Los Angeles Is Terrifying

A small tornado touched down in south central Los Angeles on Friday morning, ripping up trees and damaging roofs. The National Weather Service


Ken Block’s Gymkhana Part 7

Race car driver Ken Block has become a viral video regular with his Gymkhana race car tricks series. The last


Sandwiches From Around The World Found In LA

Second to New York City, Los Angeles is one of the greatest melting pots of cultures in America. As an


Coffee Shops In LA Are Hell

Entering any coffee shop is like walking into an alternate reality. But coffee shops in Los Angeles are a very


Adam Sandler Looks For Conan In Los Angeles

Adam Sandler and late night host Conan O'Brien are good buddies. Still, Conan is apprehensive to share his address with


LA News Anchors React To Earthquake On St Patrick’s Day

There was a 4.4 earthquake in Los Angeles today that occurred when the KTLA news was just starting. Chris Schauble quickly interrupted


Black Guy And White Guy Try To Break Into A Car Social Experiment

Simple Misfits conducted a simple social experiment. How will people react when a white guy tries to break into a car


Gluten-Free Homeless In LA

Los Angeles is truly a different reality than the rest of the country. The simplest actions, like parking, become difficult. 


Paul George Executes 360 Windmill Slam Dunk On LA Clippers

Paul George of the Indiana Pacers didn't just help his team beat the Los Angeles Clippers 106 to 92, he