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Firefighting Water Dropping Planes Refill By Skimming Over Lake

How does a water dropping, firefighting airplane reload on water while battling a blaze? This video by Steve Galloway demonstrates exactly


Shopping In LA Is Hell

Moving to Los Angeles is like moving to some strange new world where there's always traffic and better looking people


Throwing Snowballs At People At The Beach In LA

Most of the country is still freezing, but things so are nice in Los Angeles that Jimmy Kimmel even "had the air


Two Guys Give A Homeless Man A Surprise Gourmet Thanksgiving Dinner On The Streets Of LA

Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends, but what if you don't have either? Before their Thanksgiving meal, Gabe


Online Pranskter Gives Turkey Sandwiches To The Homeless At Skid Row

In honor of Thanksgiving, online famous prankster Vitaly put the pranks to the side and instead chose to help the needy. 


Jimmy Kimmel Mocks LA Local News ‘Stormwatch’

Sunny Los Angeles rarely gets any precipitation, but when they do, all hell breaks loose. The West Coast has recently


Surprisingly, ‘Kiss Me I’m Desperate’ Sign Actually Works

If you want to attract the ladies, you can't act desperate. Or so conventional wisdom would have you think.  But Blake


Celebrities Discuss Fame And Life In Los Angeles In ‘City Of Angels’ Music Video

30 Seconds To Mars has gone viral with their nontraditional music video for their single City Of Angels.  Instead of simply having


Sign Flippers Dance To Daft Punk

Daft Signz reports that every week, a group of talented friends get together in Hollywood to lose themselves to dance. With


Hyun-Jin Ryu Plays Catch With Young Fan Before The Game

YouTuber Dodger Films specializes in fan made videos of all the action in Dodgers stadium. Only now has his first video gone


Cracked Chiropractor Commercial

Independent commercial makers Rhett and Link have again produced a local commercial home run. They teamed up with Ryan Lee of the Ryan


Man Gives Abercrombie & Fitch Clothing To The Homeless To Rebrand The Company

Abercrombie & Fitch has been battered with negative press ever since the CEO of the fashion clothing brand publicly announced