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Daring Truck Driver Drives Through Flooded Louisiana Streets

The United States Postal Service's unofficial tag line is well known. Neither snow nor rain nor heat. This truck driver


Real Life Super Hero Saves Woman And Her Dog From Drowning In Car In Baton Rouge Flood

In case you were unaware, Baton Rouge, Louisiana is currently underwater. Many are saying it's some of the worst flooding next to Katrina.


Southern Sheriff Gives The Best Crime Stoppers Report Ever

Most people don't really pay attention when a Crime Stoppers report is made on the news. But this clip from


Louisiana Sink Hole In Assumption Parish Swallows Trees

Assumptionla caught an act of nature of epic proportions yesterday in Assumption Parish near Bayou Corne, Louisiana. Suddenly, a sink hole began to literally


Man Holding Onto Truck Hood Tells Woman Driving By To Call The Police

DirtySouthBass posted this cellphone video taken in Baton Rogue, LA over the weekend which has started to trend. In the short


Will Ferrell Mardi Gras Bacchus King 2012

Everyone's favorite comedian, Will Ferrell, acted as this year's Mardi Gras Bacchus King. Dressed as the Roman God of wine, Ferrell


Cat Fights Off Alligator Over Chicken Meat

A bunch of tourist enjoying themselves on the Cajun Pride Swamp Tours in LaPlace, Louisiana happened upon a battle of the centuries. An